Voyage International Schools, Abuja

VISA Early Years comprises of the Creche, Play-pen, Pre-School, Explorer 1 & 2.


VISA provides an environment where babies, toddlers and growing children play, enjoy meals, rest and learn in accelerated stages.

We minimize the possibilities of contacting diseases; by washing toys that are licked and ensure they do not eat from each other’s plate.

Our environment is dust and insect free; with utmost attention on good hygiene and sanitation.

We take in consideration the following as it is of utmost importance to the kids’ growth:

  • Enough toys, Legos in a well spacious but nicely decorated room.
  • Multi-media based play-learn method which can help engage their wrist and mental development.
  • Special nap periods
  • Solid potty training which is a basic maintenance and nurture culture of raising kids.
  • Explorative outdoor playground activities
  • On guide environmental safety in a unique facility.

Voyage International School is the perfect place for your Child.

A home away from home; where we develop “a WHOLE child”.



VISA goes beyond the ordinary to create the best in improving the education of our kids.

Team work is what we imbibe to offer our kids the best opportunity that will help them develop good self-esteem, resilience, creativity and strong sense of belonging.

The Early Years teaching staff are Certified Educators with a one on- one teaching-guidance, learning method between 3- 20 years.

Extra-Curricular Program is designed to develop strong character, moral values and build up our kids intellectually. Thus, they count on our trust and support to feel safe.

The following services are offered in the Early Years section:

  1. Nutritious Breakfast and Lunch
  2. Multi-dimensional Instructional materials
  3. Experienced and Foreign trained Early years Educators
  4. Recovery room for pupils & Staff
  5. Solid Islamiyah for kids
Invest in your Child. He is a greater asset!