Voyage International Schools, Abuja

The first of our responsibilities is to our students; they must be at the heart of all our decisions. We must raise them through scholarship, life skills and Islamic ethos so that they may become global citizens.

Our responsibilities extend to our parents and guardians who take us as their choice in schools’ scale of preference. In meeting their needs and expectations, we must be God-Conscious, Professional, act with Integrity, show Empathy and Smile always, when relating with them and all.

We are also responsible to our employees; men and women who work to uphold our values. Every member of staff is important in our organization. We must respect individuals and their values which must be in line with our values. We must be mindful to improve our employees spiritually, educationally, morally and physically so they are able to help us developaWHOLEchild. Employees must feel free to give feedback and make contributions to achieve our vision.

We must be responsible to our host communities, regulatory authorities and to the global community at large. We must be good ambassadors of Islam, which should serve as example to others. We must be innovative and responsive; civil and law abiding. We must be foremost in STEM, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Sports. Our environment must be conducive for learning- orderly, clean, safe and secured.

Our final responsibility is to our artisans and suppliers of our needs. We must demand that jobs are done to specifications and standards while we fulfill our obligations to them.

When we operate with these principles, we will not only meet our corporate expectations but fulfill our purpose to God and Humanity.