Voyage International Schools, Abuja

We are sure of our Academic contents and deliverables and as such expose our students to National Competition to boost their cognitive domain and provide them experiences required for the marketplace.

  • VISA came first in Abuja Project Know thyself Art Competition conducted March, 2016
  • VISA came third in the Federal Ministry of Education, 2016 Common-Wealth National Quiz Competition.
  • VISA took part in the 2016 National Cowbell Mathematics Competition.
  • 2016 National ICT WHIZKID Competition.
  • VISA is the first school in Abuja to partner with global organizations and policy makers from World Bank, Federal Ministry of Education, Education Resource Centre (ERC), Life skills and the rest; to discuss the Girl Child Education and the benefits of Commonwealth to Nigeria Education.
  • Our Science Exhibition through the creative work of Engineers in our Science Department invented the following items.
    1. USB Fan
    2. Mobile Phone Charger
    3. Wind Turbine
    4. Electric Pumping Machine
    5. Electrical Boat
    6. Inverter
    7. Battery Operated car
    8. Door alarm