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Our Unique Offerings

  • VISA Cambridge College

    The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English curriculum offered to prepare students for International Baccalaureate, Pre-university, Advance subsidiary and Advance level (AS and A Level)

    It is a qualification for each subject one takes. IGCSE covers the three domains of learning, which are: The Cognitive (intelligence), Affective (behavior) and Psychomotor (skills/Application). Therefore, it is a broad and flexible study programme.

    In VISA, subjects are grouped into six such as:

    Group (i) Languages
    Group (ii) Humanities and Social Sciences
    Group (iii) Sciences
    Group (iv) Mathematics
    Group (v) Creative, Vocational and Technical
    Group (vi) ICT & Digital Education

    New subjects have been introduced, these include:

    Environmental Management
    Global Perspective alongside Security Education

    It’s acceptability all over the world and it is second to none. It is recognized in nations such as:

    United Kingdom
    United State of America
    United Arab Emirate
    New Zealand etc

  • Do you want comprehensive Islamic knowledge for your wards/children?
    Do you want sound Qur’an memorization for your wards/children?
    Do you wish your wards/children speak Arabic?
    Do you want a safe and conducive environment for your wards/children to understand Islamic education from its source?

    These and more we offer in: Darussalam Islamic Centre, Voyage International School, Kaura District, Opposite Sun City Estate Abuja.

    Our instructors operate based on the principles of the Qur’an and the Hadith of the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), as these are the sources of Islamic law.


    Weekdays/Weekend Classes for Children and boarders.

    Qur’an Recitation and Memorization
    Arabic Class
    Hadith class
    Practical Islam (Fiqh)

    Weekend Classes for Women

    Qur’an Recitation and Memorization
    Arabic, Hadith, Fiqh and Tauheed classes

  • Voyage Swimming Academy is open to Non-Voyagers and features an in-built standard pool with a professional trainer/life guard to ensure safety and expert lessons. The Swimming Academy also welcomes individual and family subscription with flexible monthly, quarterly and annual payment packages.

  • British and Nigerian Curriculum
    Entrepreneurship Development Classes
    Edexcel Syllabus & Singapore Maths
    Mentorship & Volunteer Development
    Well equipped Science, Engineering & Technology Laboratories
    Art, Craft & Calligraphy Studio

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Alhaji Yusuf Oriyomi


Dhakiroh Animashaun - Oriyomi

Executive Director

Mr. AbdulRaheem Olawale

Deputy Head of School

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